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More Bananagrams Book

List Price $10.95
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ID: 201100014944
More Bananagrams Book: Joe Edley, the wordplay genius who created the puzzles in Bananagrams, now steps it up in More Bananagrams! by creating eight new joyously mind-bending puzzle types, and adding another level of difficulty—puzzles with a five banana (super hard!) rating. In all, there are over 500 original new anagram puzzles, including Banana Splits (solve letter substitution scrambles in rapid-fire fashion), Banana Peels (add new letters to words and rearrange to spell something new), Banana Boats (evolve a chain of words, one new letter at a time), intersecting words, vowel replacements, adjacent letter scrambles, and much more. The puzzles are rated one banana (simplest) to the fiendish new five banana, and enriching supplementary material is featured, including fun banana facts, helpful word lists, and, yes, an answer key. UPC: 019628158437
Format: Books
Size Closed: 5.0" x  7.0 "
Binding: Perfect
Publisher: Workman Publishing
Product ID: 201100014944
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