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Don't Make Me Laugh Jr. Board Game

Our Price $21.99
ID: 200100011485
The game where the first player to the "BIG GUFFAW" wins the game! Players start at the "LITTLE CHUCKLE" then race in a crazy land to be the first one to the "BIG GUFFAW." Ha Ha Ho Ho Hee Hee laughter cards ask players, partners and sometimes the whole group to perform their funniest improvisations of the prompt on the card. "Pretend you are a sprinkler", "Imitate your favorite teacher", or "Everyone do a Hula dance" are a few examples of the fun. Additional Jester cards add unexpected twists to the zany antics. Don't get lost in "Lolo Land" along the way. Watch how funny People can be while laughing all the way to the finish line!

Dimensions: 8.25 " x  8.25 " x  3.0 "
Publisher: Lolo Co.
Product ID: 200100011485
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