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Crazy Cheese Puzzle Game

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ID: 201100008652
Crazy Cheese Puzzle Game: Crazy Cheese is both a puzzle and a brainteaser in the same slice of cheese! The cheese contains 9 pieces, all of the same size and color; only the holes are different! The goal is to match the holes so you’ll have a beautiful slice of cheese. Flip them, turn them, until that 3" by 3" square looks good enough to eat. Start with the cheese amateur challenge: all the holes need to be symmetrical but do not need to be perfect circles. Then conquer the cheese genius challenge to become an expert! Master the game, and take it anywhere to challenge family and friends. This all wooden puzzle is a power snack for your brain! Intended for one player ages 7 and up. UPC: 803979004006
Dimensions: 2.5" x  3.0 " x  2.25 "
Publisher: Blue Orange Games
Product ID: 201100008652
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