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CSI Board Game

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ID: 201400014053
CSI Board Game: This is the first CSI board game to include all THREE SHOWS in one game (CSI, CSI Miami and CSI New York) and the first CSI board game to feature UNLIMITED GAMEPLAY. There is a different outcome every time you play the game! As a CSI team member, travel through the streets of Las Vegas, Miami and New York looking for the evidence and suspect you need to complete your case. Along the way, you?ll need to build your case by recruiting Team Members and by completing DNA patterns to redeem for Jurisdiction cards. Once you have collected the evidence that you need and have found your suspect, take your case to your Detective to solve your crime and put your suspect in jail. UPC: 684152600075

Dimensions: 8.5" x  10.5 " x  2.25 "
Publisher: GDC-GameDevCo Ltd.
Product ID: 201400014053
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