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Hand Held Party Scanner Game

Our Price $19.99
ID: 201300007340
Hand Held Party Scanner Game: Can you imagine greeting your friends and guests at the front door and telling them that, before entering, they must go through a security check- and YOU are in charge of security? Can you imagine pulling out your security scanner and passing it over their bodies, choosing when the scanner "goes off". Its built-in lights and sound effects getting increasingly faster as you scan over certain parts of their bodies. Watch their faces as the party begins at your front door! Presenting the Hand Held Party Scanner. It's portable, so you can take the Party Scanner almost anywhere. It's great for sports parties or that special date you invite to your home. It's up to you. Just use your imagination. You're sure to get a laugh. UPC:604020093204

Dimensions: 7.0" x  16.5 " x  2.5 "
Publisher: Can You Imagine
Product ID: 201300007340
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