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Moment of Truth Board Game

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ID: 200900009482
Moment of Truth Board Game: You've witnessed wild confessions on Fox's hit reality TV show, Moment of Truth, but can you and your friends survive the truth? It's the outrageous party game that puts you in the hot seat to test how much you're willing to reveal about yourself. Included are 100 questions cards?some fun, some provocative and some downright shocking. Be careful how you answer the questions on the cards?if your friends suspect that you are hiding something, they may force you to take the Lie Detector test. The biometric lie detector measures your body temperature and stress level; to win, score the most points by answering questions honestly, or outsmarting your friends with the Lie Detector.

Dimensions: 7.5" x  10.5 " x  2.5 "
Publisher: Cardinal
Product ID: 200900009482
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