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Frogs 2014 Wall Calendar

List Price $14.99
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ID: 201400003950
Frogs Wall Calendar: The frog is a tailless, web-footed amphibian with long back legs for high jumping. The largest of the North American frogs is the bullfrog, which is known for its deep bellowing. Some frogs like the red-eyed tree frog possess striking colors. In this species it is the male that does all the croaking, as the female for the most part is mute. The only thing missing from this wall calendar is a froggie soundtrack! EAN: 9781465010377
Format: Standard Wall
Size Closed: 12.0 " x  12.0"
Size Opened: 12.0 " x  24.0"
Grid Size: Medium Square
Binding: Stapled
Time Span: 12-month +6
Publisher: BrownTrout
Product ID: 201400003950
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