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Weed Book

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ID: 201300021047
Weed Book: Weed. Pot. Mary Jane. Grass. No matter what you call marijuana, it's still dope. In this irreverent and all-inclusive look at cannabis, you will learn all there is to know about the psychoactive substance Bill Clinton didn't inhale—but many others did—including: How pot can help cure a hangover; Why The Man really doesn't want to legalize weed; How to make a bong from an apple; The real deal behind Reefer Madness... and more! From how to grow it, ways to consume it, and places to hide it, to myths debunked, stupid crimes, and pot in pop culture, this smokin' book is guaranteed to keep you giggling—long after the buzz wears off. UPC: 045079503496 EAN: 9781440503498
Format: Books
Size Closed: 6.25" x  5.5 "
Publisher: F&W Media
Product ID: 201300021047
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